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My Journey Toward Health & Wealth Part 3

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How God Made a Way

Two months after I took my leave of absence, the group counseling practice where I had been working shut its doors. As upsetting as that was, it didn’t even make it onto the list of my Top 10 Most Pressing Issues at that time. However, as time wore on, the need for me to figure out a way to replace my lost income became increasingly more acute.

41165889_10156598613430350_8529324142367866880_n  I had the privilege of working alongside many wonderful counselors over the years. And, I was offered some amazing opportunities to continue with my counseling practice when I was ready to return. My friends and former colleagues were all very gracious and extremely encouraging. Nevertheless, if truth be told, I had been through so much physically and emotionally over the prior 18 months, I felt I had nothing left to give.

That being said, while I was thoroughly enjoying running my little Etsy business from home, and it was very therapeutic for me, working in a helping profession is what I love, and I missed it. So, what to do?

This is where everything started to come together!

img_2747  img_2571  CBD oil was a true miracle for me.  It literally gave me my life back. I don’t know about you, but when great things happen for me, I just have to share them! And from that, a new career was born!

I had been missing from my life for so long, that when I started showing up again, people took notice. They were surprised, and more than just a little curious about what made it possible.  Of course, I was more than happy to elucidate.



Thus, simply by sharing my story, I was getting to help people on a daily basis, and I started generating income. In a relatively short amount of time, my income grew, our team grew, and new and exciting opportunities presented themselves . . .  and seeing TeamMatthewAndLinda in the Top 5 became a regular occurrence.


Though this is primarily a work-from-home position for me, there are so many other ways to grow the business. We have done pop-up-shops, vendor events, and I have even joined a networking group!  I am meeting awesome people, building relationships and having a blast!

43829005_10156684946895350_1224336717566181376_n   47577083_2086393755004997_6302556089573441536_o       47683555_10156812252155350_1527025370975436800_n    49818550_10156880114940350_8556706882457174016_n 49678535_10156883491305350_616331771230814208_n

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 12.34.28 pm

If any of this sounds exciting to you, take a look at what the industry is saying about our company: MDC/HW is a AAA+ Business Opportunity and consider taking my free tour at We would love to have you be part of this amazing team – which happens to be one of the founding teams in the company.

Four years ago Jenna “had nothing” (her own words). She & Josh were not yet married. Josh did not ‘give her a spot’ in his company. She started out like every other affiliate and worked her way up to this! We can all dream bigger and work harder! See you at the top!

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