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Why I Share

🗣️ Testimony Tuesday on Wednesday- because yesterday I got to run holiday errands! All. Day! Oh what a difference these past few months have made❣️

👩‍💻 Guys, when I post, I am not pushing a product or a business, I am sharing what has GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK in more ways than one!

My Mobility ✔️, My Physical & Mental Health ✔️, My Purpose ✔️, My Joy ✔️, My Income ✔️, My Freedom ✔️, I could go on.

👩‍🏫 Most of you know I returned to school as my kids got older. Got my BS & my MA & my career took off. A couple of years in, everything screeched to a halt when a back injury caused me to be home bound/bed bound.

🆓 Due to that disruption of ‘my’ plans, & the introduction to MDC/HW, today, I am free. Free to help people the way my heart desired all along – for free. And, not just through this business & it’s life altering products, but by using what I was created, educated & trained to do as well.

👭🚶‍♂️ And there’s more! Now, when my adult children have free time, I can jump on the opportunity to spend it with them! I can be available to do things FOR them. I have time freedom. I have financial freedom. I have my life back.

👩‍💼 So, for those of you who would like some of this freedom too, I am sharing a brief 10 min video my friend Carrie made explaining our Compensation Plan, which is indisputably the best in the industry (earn up to 85% of your BV. That’s NOT a typo 😊).

👀 Take a look, and you too can be feeling better & making money, just in time for the holidays!

📥 Hit me up if you have any questions 🤓


Update: YT Video

Hey Everyone,

Please check out my latest You Tube video for a brief update of what is going on with us on our new journey 🙂

My Latest Video

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It’s Convention Weekend. I’m not there, but I’m still excited!

Quick Video Update

I am so excited about our company’s convention, going on now! As much as I WISH I was there, God has me right where I need to be this weekend. If I was in Vegas, I would not be able to be here to minister to a family I love dearly over the next few days. I am thankful that my company is offering a live stream so we can try to check in every now and then.

Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

I Will Pay Your Affiliate Activation Fee

I have been so busy with my new business, I have not had time to update my blog. Suffice it to say, my story didn’t end with me being immobile. After almost 2 years, I got my life back thanks to the highest quality CBD oil in the world! An unexpected benefit was all the other health problems that improved/disappeared. It was so miraculous, that I am now a part of that amazing company. And I want to encourage others to join us as well. We are changing lives one drop at a time!

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Our Business is Exploding!

Our Business is Exploding!

I know I have not updated my blog lately, but our business just took off! I have been so busy, and having so much fun! Here is a brief update:

💥Team MatthewAndLinda made the Top 5 for September!  Whether you want a side-hustle, or a full-time business you can work from anywhere on your own schedule, NOW IS THE TIME! This industry is predicted to grow a shocking 700% by 2020, according to Forbes See you at the top! 🎉 #joinmyteam #designyourlife
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My Journey Toward Health & Wealth

Where it all started.

During the summer of 2016, I was enjoying my career as a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in group practice, and embarking on a new career as a therapist in a Christian Children’s Home & Family Ministry. I spent a lot of time with family, I was investing in friendships, and I was serving at my church. Life was good.

On July 25, 2016, I reported for jury duty. I had no idea how significantly this would change my life. As the days wore on, a previous back injury, sustained when we were rear-ended by a young woman texting while driving, became exceedingly aggravated.  Toward the end of the week, I had to wear my TENS Unit to get through each day.

With jury duty behind me, I expected to get back to life as usual. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case. Rather than improving, the pain in my back continued to escalate. Over the next few months, I had to keep cutting my hours until it reached the point that  I was no longer working at all.

Not only was I having to face the fact that I could not work, I was also having to come to grips with the fact that I could not move. Just getting from my bed to the master bathroom was a monumental undertaking. If I happened to make it from the bed, down to the sofa – which often required crawling – there I would remain until it was time to go back up to bed.

Leaving the house to go to numerous doctor’s appointments for examinations, tests, and [ineffective] procedures, required a wheelchair. Other than those appointments, I was home-bound. Bed-bound. I was absent from my life.

Finally, spine surgery was scheduled for January, 2017. As frightening as it was to think of surgeons operating on my back and spine, I was anxious for relief. I could not wait for the day to come when I could walk again. I could not wait to be off pain medication. I could not wait to rejoin my life.

Once again, things did not go the way I expected. Yes, eventually, over time, I was able to stand up a little straighter than a question mark. I could walk, gingerly. I could stand, briefly. I could sit, sparingly. But there was still pain. There was also new pain and different sensations, or the loss thereof. And, there was the fibromyalgia flare.

I have struggled with fibromyalgia, and all that comes with it, for as long as I can remember. It was not until after my back surgery, and the fourth and fifth specialists giving the same diagnosis, that I finally accepted that fibromyalgia was real, and I had it. Not only that, but the surgery threw me into a flare that had become my new normal.

My new normal still required strong pain medication. It demanded hours and hours of sleep. So much sleep, that I slept through our 25th wedding anniversary. Literally, the entire day and night. Additionally, it prolonged the seemingly endless isolation. The loneliness, pain, exhaustion, and medication, were ushering me into a dark place. What I did not yet know, was this was just the beginning of one of the most difficult seasons in my life, and the lives of my loved ones.






God is the Refiner and we are the Silver

Malachi 3:3 says, “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver.” NIV

Have you ever considered what this might mean for you personally? 

There is an essay titled “The Refiner’s Touch,” Author Unknown. In this story, a silversmith explains the process of refining silver: The silversmith holds a piece of silver over the fire to heat it up. The silver must be held in the middle of the fire where the flames are the hottest. This burns away the impurities. The silversmith must sit there, holding the silver, keeping his eyes on it the entire time it is in the flames. If the silver remains in the fire for too long it will be destroyed. The silversmith knows the silver is fully refined when he can see his image reflected in it.

Now, re-read the verse in Malachi. Then, re-read the story, replacing “silversmith” with “God” and “silver” with your name. Wow!

What was your refining fire?

Please feel free to share your stories in the comments section below by clicking on “Leave a Comment,” I would love to hear them.

In a coming blog I will share one of the things God used to refine me.

*Sometimes the refining moments of our lives are too painful to face alone. Even though we know God is always with us, we don’t always feel like we can cry out to Him. At times like these a Christian counselor can be a wonderful resource. If you or someone you know is struggling, please contact me for an appointment or a referral.